Deep Down Dark

Enrico Lando

Feature Movie - Genre, Thriller, Horror | 85' | Underground | English, Italiano


D.D.D. will invoke the primal fears that lie latent within all of us. It will be a terrifying challenging and entertaining thriller that guaranties to top “The Blair Witch Project” or suspense, imagination and documentary drama.

DARK takes us down three levels beneath the streets of central Capital to a world horror film is that is unimaginable. This Horror movie is about a small documentary crew that goes in search of an unknown community who supposedly live in the disused underground tube stations and main sewer tunnels that run criss-cross beneath the city.

DARK blends horror, factual documentary making and an adventure into a visually frightening package.


English, Feature Movie, Female Lead, Horror, Italiano, Original Ip, Thriller / Suspense

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