Dark Clouds

The ComicBook Fellas

Feature Movie - Drama | 85' | English


Imagine living in a small country village, in a healthy and green environment, a bucolic fairy tale, far from the chaos of the big city. Beautiful landscapes, cultivated fields, pastures… Here, imagine now that one day a new neighbor came, a building entrepreneur with neo-Nazi sympathies who starts buying lands and properties, and inviting his friends from the extreme right to move and live close to you, and your family …


Contemporary, Derivative works, Drama, English, Español, Feature Movie, Glocal, Italiano, Racial Diversity, Series, Social Issues, Thriller / Suspense, Young Adults

Material available

Pitch Deck & Art book - Inspired by the graphic novel “Nuvole Nere” edited by FELTRINELLI in 2019 - Acquired Rights

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