When you think about the team behind a solid content marketing strategy, what types of individuals come to mind? Writers? Of course. Graphic designers? Sure. Animators and video producers? You bet. Data scientists? Probably not… as yet anyway.
But that’s about to change with data-driven branded content. As big data plays an increasingly greater role in content development, the traditionally right-brain realm of branded content and formats are getting a healthy dose of left-brain data crunching.

Welcome to the world of data driven scripts.

We employ social listening to detect the most interesting topics, and identify the most suitable writers and creators for YOUR content. We listen to your target audience to reach it in the most effective way.

That is how we can develop and produce impressive formats, as well as videos, docuseries, and longer formats, with the coolest artists, sports athletes, and celebrities, for any type of brand across the world.

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