The ComicBook Fellas


The bestselling Italian comicbook makers!
From the pages of TEX, SAM & TWITCH, DYLAN DOG, CASSIDY, NATHAN NEVER, and many other titles (one million copies sold worldwide every month), five of the most famous Italian authors formed a collective to bring their own comicbooks to the big and the small screen!


Pasquale Ruju


In 1995 Pasquale joined the staff of the Dylan Dog comic series. Later he will be entrusted with screenplays for many of the most awarded comic series from the famous publisher: Bonelli.

For Sergio Bonelli Editore he creates the miniseries Cassidy & Demian and Hellnoir, both very successful.

Between his awards: Cartoomics-If Award 2004, U Giancu Award 2011 and Storyteller Award 2018; in 2010 he is also the most published Bonelli author of the year. To this date, he is one of the main writers of the publishing house, with over 170 published books and 8 active series. In 2012 he is the author and screenwriter of the thriller The House of Mystery, the first Italian example of an advertising film game, in the context of the Vigorsol Mystery campaign. 

In 2016 he published his first novel published by Edizioni E / O: “A case like the others”, finalist at the 2016 Scerbanenco Award. In 2017 and 2018 he released the novels: Nero di mare and Ash Season (special SalerNoir prize 2019). Both feature the reporter Franco Zanna as protagonist. The third novel of the series will be released soon, by the same publisher.

In 2019, he wrote the Graphic Novel “Nuvole Nere” for Feltrinelli Comics, written in collaboration with Andrea Cavaletto, for Rossano Piccioni’s designs. This graphic Novel is the inspiration for this movie we are in development: Dark Clouds.

Pasquale has been among the main contributors for over 25 years of best-selling comic books such as: Dylan Dog, Nathan Never and Tex!

Ph: Daniela Zedda

Andrea Cavaletto


Andrea is an Italian writer, illustrator and all-around creative. He’s worked with several mainstream and indipendent Italian and foreign comic books publishers and film production companies, such as Sergio Bonelli Editore, Feltrinelli, Edizioni BD, Edizioni Inkiostro, Bugs Comics, Metal Blade Records, Walt Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Toei Animation Raven Banner, Epic Pictures and Troma.
He’s written many issues of iconic Italian comic book characters Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, Zagor, Tex and Dampyr for Sergio Bonelli Editore. He’s created the psychological horror comic book series Paranoid Boyd for Edizioni Inkiostro. Along with well-known comic book creators Pasquale Ruju and Rossano Piccioni, he’s created Nuvole Nere, a graphic novel published by Feltrinelli Comics. He’s written the script for Chilean horror Hidden in the Woods, which has generated an American remake. As a writer with more than twenty years of experience, he’s won several literary and film awards and has also been nominated as best Italian comic book writer for three editions of the Premio Boscarato. He teaches creative writing at the Scuola Holden in Turin.  

Adriano Barone


Awarded comicbook scriptwriter of graphic novels and serialized comicbooks for Sergio Bonelli Editore, which at Lucca Comics and Games 2019 announced a multimedia project based on his soon to be published comicbook Mr. Evidence. He’s also a prose writer of short stories and novels for kids and adults: his next novel will be an original story spun off from the TV series Il silenzio dell’acqua. He wrote short movies, cartoons, and low budget movies. His adult cartoon sitcom Baby Death, co-created with Federico Cadenazzi, has been optioned by Grey Ladder.

Rossano Piccioni


Art Director and Storyboarder, after having published his first works with independent Italian publishing houses, he decided to embrace a personal and authorial artistic path, founding the Inkiostro Editions that will give him the opportunity to express himself in absolute conceptual and creative freedom. At the same time, with Stefano Fantelli, he created the successful brand The Cannibal Family, a cult comic that has attracted the attention of the public and critics. He created the Inkiostro School of Comics, created to promote young newcomers in collaboration with his publishing house. He draws for the Codex Editions, based on texts by astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi, Cosmicomic, a book that will see the light later in France, Spain, Korea. Countless characters and titles originated from his ideas: “La Iena” and “The contortionist” with Luca Blengino, “Venerea” with Adriano De Vincentiis, “Monsters don’t live only in the dark” with Claudio Chiaverotti, all published from his home publishing. He bought the rights of “The dark side of the soul” by Joe R. Lansdale of which he is designing a graphic comics adaptation written by Francesca Bertuzzi.

Luca Blengino