Martin Romanella


Martin is an active member of the Director´s Guild of America and DAMA, the Spanish screenwriter’s guild.

His screenplays include Malambo (2020), optioned by Argentinacine, Frost Fair (2019), written for UK production company Zen Arts Limited, Spinner (2017), Choose! Sandals or socks (2014), Los hombres no lloran en el baño (2012), Ciudades Dormitorio (2005), Funeral Etiquette (2004) and Candela (1998). These works have taken him to numerous international festivals and won him awards such as the Berlinale TWA in 2004 and the Hubert Bals Fund at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, as well as production and development awards from the INCAA (Argentinean Film Council). 

He has written two novels, El Asombrado (1996) and El Arcángel de Rivera (2000), and his stories have been selected for anthologies such as Buenos Aires no Duerme, published by Eudeba. His book ¡Oiga Bien! (Penguin Random House, 2017) was a finalist in the Best Seller category at the 2018 Caligrama Awards.

As a director, Martin is represented across every continent. He has directed more than 500 commercials over the last two decades, winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards and working with the world’s leading advertising agencies and media groups. 

Screenwriting is his passion and he is constantly developing new ideas for films and TV series, all with his own twisted style, driven by the simple idea that a truly great story has the power to transform the viewer’s day. 

Born in Buenos Aires, Martin Romanella has lived in London, Los Angeles, New York and Vienna, and is now based in Madrid. He graduated in film from the University of Buenos Aires and NYU – New York University.