Enrico Lando


Enrico Lando, born in Italy, spent his early professional life working as a director in London. 

His work includes the TV series ‘New Music TV’ for ITV UK (sold in 49 countries) and the number one box office movie ‘I Soliti Idioti’.

Since 2000, Enrico has worked as a writer and director of movies, TV shows and documentaries, including four documentaries on Egyptian archaeology for De Agostini and ‘Chi Ga Vinto?’ winner of the Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen 2009, and the short film ‘It’s a Goat’s Life!’ (Venice International Film Festival and Los Angeles International Short Film Festival).

That same year, Enrico wrote and directed the TV series ‘I Soliti Idioti’, for MTV Italy. After four seasons the show became so popular that Medusa (production and distribution) decided to produce a feature film, ‘I Soliti Idioti’ which was released in 2011. The movie was the biggest Italian box office success of the season. 

In 2012 Enrico directed a second feature film, ‘I 2 Soliti Idioti’, which was another commercial success at the box office.

Enrico’s next movie release ‘Amici Come Noi’ [2014] was also a critical and commercial success. This was followed by a fourth feature film ‘Quel Bravo Ragazzo’ [2016]. The same year, Enrico directed the documentary ‘La Storia Dell’Orso’.

His latest movie ‘Scappo a Casa’ [2019] was released in March 2019, a further triumph at the Italian box office.