Sphere Content

SPHERE CONTENT is an IP Management & Content Development company. Assisted by an international legal studio specialized in IP and copyright, we manage creative and innovative concepts aimed at becoming the network series, the full features, or the animation projects of tomorrow.

We develop these concepts thoroughly, taking them to the next level.

There are different possibilities available to our clients:

• a designated option period (usually 6 or 12 months) for a specified fee;
• the project’s full IP purchase;
• a co-development purchase (at a lower fee than the full IP purchase), through which our writing team can partner your key personnel in further developing the chosen project, tailoring it around your needs and expectations.

After all, our team comprises a lineup of authors and creative talent based across the globe. This allows us to offer you a diverse and broad range of projects, covering different genres and languages (i.e. different target audiences).

At present we boast over 50 titles in development, both original and derivative. Some of these are part of our extended offline catalog.

If you cannot find a specific project online, please contact us so that we can provide you with material that might meet your requirements.

We would be extremely pleased to schedule a brief virtual meeting with you, to evaluate any potential synergies among our companies.